“Recently, I got really sick and ended up in hospital; after getting used as a human pin cushion and going in and out of scans for a week I was told I may need a transplant if I don’t get better but they are still unaware of what caused this.”
I thought my life was completely over, I went underground and was a mess. I wouldn't talk to anyone and I lost all hope I had because the life expectancy after having a transplant is 5-20 years average.”

“I don't know what it was, that night I was talking to my boyfriend and I told him ‘if I go I want to do something big that people would remember me with’ so I told him and my family and everyone around me to just treat me like a normal person, that nothing was wrong with my health, so I can continue being happy and going on with my life before I found out everything.”
So here I am living my normal life keeping my hopes high that somehow this will change and I will get better so I can keep those promises I made to myself and him and that I will be able to make those goals we made together come true one day in the future.”

“In recap, one thing about being ill with a disease that is taking your life is that you really learn not to be looking backwards, just look forward. And to value your health. These days health is not valued until sickness comes. I guess what makes me extraordinary is that regarding everything that's going on I don't let sickness consume me and change who I am, instead I'm keeping high hopes and am trying to change the sickness and show it who's really in charge. Always keep high hopes :)”