Standard Custom Illustration

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Custom digital illustration - standard recreation of your desired image. Consists of simple, block colours with minor intricate details.

Email us at with the image(s) you would like illustrated. If you would like an element recreated that has not yet been photographed (e.g. couple in wedding day outfits, long-distance couple, posing with pet) please provide the necessary photos (e.g. image of outfits, people, pets) to ensure the recreation is as close as possible. All photos will stay confidential!

If ordering more than 5 illustrations, add '4' ($95) and then select '5+' for however many illustrations you require.

Allow 3 weeks for your file to be delivered to your provided email address from the date that we confirm we have received your desired files/images. Please allow approximately 3-6 weeks if you have ordered more than 3 images. The file can be provided as .PNG, .JPEG or PDF with a transparent background or a background colour of your choice.