Free Shipping for Australian Orders over $50 and International Orders over $80
Free Shipping for Australian Orders over $50 and International Orders over $80
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About Us

Vaani Collection - Elegant Indian-inspired Jewellery for the Extraordinary Woman.

Our pieces are a carefully selected collection of exquisite jewellery to complement and complete any outfit. Our aim is to make beautiful Indian-inspired jewelry affordable and accessible for everyone, to be worn on your everyday outing or an extravagant function.

At the core of Vaani Collection is - you. We are always updating our collection to keep up with (and set!) the latest trends. We love to hear from you about what you like and what you want to see more of, so get in touch with us and help shape the future of our collection. We do customisations, bridal, bridesmaid and group orders! 

Our vision is our strength. We celebrate the extraordinary woman and want our jewellery and the entire Vaani Collection shopping experience to make you feel as extraordinary as you are. We have created the Vaani experience with utmost passion and motivation to make an impact. Our drive to celebrate the extraordinary woman inspires every step of our processes, from this website to your package arriving at your door.

Our packages are carefully wrapped by hand. Your jewellery is enclosed in protective and personalised packaging with a handwritten note.

Your purchase with Vaani is not just a transaction. It’s an experience. Even if you do not want to make a purchase, interact with us on our Instagram to experience and engage with our vision.