Taking care of your new jewellery.
Our jewellery items are made of high-quality gold and/or silver-plated alloy metal. Our items have an intricate and elegant finish which are completed by gemstones, coloured beads, faux pearls and specialised work to create our exclusive and alluring pieces.
Our items are delicately made with each stone and bead placed carefully by hand. We endeavour to take our photos in clear natural light to show the colours of each item accurately. Some colours may look slightly different in reality, but we are confident the pieces will be beautiful on you!
To keep your jewellery in the best condition, we recommend to handle it with utmost care. Avoid dropping your pieces onto hard surfaces or placing heavy objects on top of the items to prevent stones coming loose or items bending out of shape. Where possible, avoid your jewellery getting caught in your clothes as we don't want either getting damaged. Of course, romantic Bollywood moments are always allowed!
Our jewellery items can react with moisture or chemicals resulting in oxidisation or discolouration. This can be easily cleaned using jewellery cleaner or a mildly acidic liquid on a cotton tip or soft cloth. To prevent this, we recommend keeping your jewellery in airtight packaging or in your jewellery box to prevent contact with air and moisture. Avoid spraying any liquids or perfumes on or around your jewellery as this may react with your jewellery or with your skin. Any creams or products on your skin could also react with the jewellery or your skin. We recommend thoroughly cleaning and drying the surface of your skin or allowing enough time for products to absorb into your skin before wearing your jewellery items. 
If you experience skin irritation from artificial jewellery items, we recommend you avoiding wearing our items for over an hour or as soon as you experience any irritation. If you experience an adverse reaction, seek appropriate medical advice immediately.
After removing your jewellery, we recommend thoroughly drying your items with a clean and dry cloth and storing them in an airtight bag or container ready for your next event.
Custom Orders.
We can facilitate custom orders including bridal jewellery, bridesmaids orders and some custom jewellery requests. Please note custom orders are done upon request only and require a deposit to be finalised. Custom orders can also take an extended period of time.             
We are currently not accepting custom orders that require completion within 6 months. Due to COVID-19 and it's resulting impacts, we have experienced significant delays in our manufacturing and shipping process and we cannot guarantee orders would be completed in this time. If you have an open time frame and wish to enquire about a custom order, please contact us


Do you ship to my country?
We probably do! Proceed to the checkout and it will let you know. If we don’t, get in touch with us at hellovaani@gmail.com and we’ll see if we can do something for you (there may be an additional cost). 
Do you do Exchanges or Returns if I’ve changed my mind?
Unfortunately for hygiene reasons we cannot accept refunds or exchanges on our pieces if you change your mind. If you’ve received an incorrect or faulty item, we’ll definitely take care of you. Please see below. 
What do I do if I’ve received a wrong/damaged item?
We truly hope this does not occur as we check and package our items diligently. However, sometimes items can be damaged in transit. If this occurs, our priority is to give you the best outcome! 
Please contact us with some images of the damaged item and we will work together to choose the best outcome. Upon assessing the damage, we will most likely provide you with a prepaid return label and have a replacement item sent to you (or if it’s out of stock, any item of the same value or store credit to the value of your purchase). 
All claims must be raised within 1 week of receiving your item with your proof of purchase attached (for example, your email confirmation). Claims beyond this timeframe are not guaranteed to be resolved. If we resolve to have your faulty item returned, your replacement item will be sent to you upon receipt of the faulty item.

If your items arrive damaged we will manage the process of repairing or replacing your item (including return and replacement shipping costs). If your items are damaged at any point after wear or after the 1 week period we can provide complementary repair, however returning and receiving the piece would be arranged by yourself.
I entered the wrong address when I checked out. Can I change it?
Please contact us ASAP! If you contact us in time we will be able to update your address manually. If your order has already been dispatched then unfortunately we will have to wait for the package to be returned to us and the customer will be liable for having the item resent. Nobody wants this so please check, check and double check all your details before checking out!
How do I know my bangle size?
There are 2 methods you can use to determine your bangle size. 
Method 1:
1. Measure the inside diameter of a bangle you already own
2. Use the following table to determine your bangle size
 Bangle Size Diameter (mm)
2.4 57.2
2.6 60.3
2.8 63.5
2.10 66.7
Method 2:
1. Bring your thumb and little finger together
2. Wrap a thread around the widest section of your hand
3. Mark the spot where the thread meets
4. Measure the length of this section using a ruler
5. Use the following table to determine your bangle size

Bangle Size

Circumference (mm)